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As soon as you turn on the remote connection, the local name of Ubuntu device will be displayed. This is an address of VNC, make note of it for remote access later. Controlling Ubuntu computer via VNC from another device is very simple. Here's how to use VNC from another desktop. Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions comes with the pre-installed Remote Desktop Viewer tool. This means that once the Ubuntu PC is configured for remote connection, you can connect to it from any Linux distribution you use. When you add devices, they are saved in a list so you can quickly access them in the future.

Use this tool to connect to other Ubuntu desktops on the network and you can control that computer remotely. This tool can also be used to control any computer with a VNC client installed. Do you want to control your Ubuntu computer from a Windows computer? Check out TipsMake. Remote Desktop Protocol is a proprietary system developed by Microsoft. It has proven so successful that RDP server and client applications are available on most software platforms.

How Do I Connect My Mac to Windows?

The RDP authentication system is based on your computer username and password. The setup is also very quick and easy. Be sure to note the inet addr value corresponding to the connection type. For example, if your Ubuntu computer runs on Ethernet, use this IP address. Next, you will need to install xrdp. This is an RDP server for Ubuntu as well as other Linux devices and is required before connecting remotely.

As noted, RDP clients are available for almost any platform. Similarly, RDP is built-in for Windows. If you use a standard desktop, use the following steps to use RDP and connect to Ubuntu. Instructions on using RDP on a Mac will help here. It is intended to control a Windows computer remotely, but the setup is similar to Linux. Do you want to connect to your Ubuntu machine when traveling?

This is a bit more difficult, but not entirely impossible.

linux - Access Ubuntu desktop remotely from Mac OS - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Very simple to use and appears to be Linux compatible. I read about chrome desktop, it cannot be used over local network.

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Or is there a way? It took me a long time to try all the options that were provided in this thread.

I have decided to use TeamViewer as I don't need an account to use the app, also no internet is needed neither for setup nor for remote desktop. And my second choice is X2go, but still need to find a setting so that the picture quality is good. The only problem is I could not connect to the remote using local Network as it is only available with the Enterprise Version.

That means there is only Cloud connection. This is great as I can use any device for the connection as RealVnc apps are available for all major platforms. That said, as it is a cloud connection there a little bit of a lag. But it is usable. This is also an amazing way for remote desktop as it provides a connection over local network.

There is hardly any noticeable lag as the connection is over local wired network. The app works as expected but the setup process is a little tedious.

To setup initially, one needs to be logged in google chrome for the initial setup and needs to be connected to the internet. And once the setup is done with the internet connection it still kept asking me for my email address as I am not permanently logged in chrome.

Ubuntu Remote Desktop - Easy tool, built-in and compatible VNC

The setup is very easy and no internet connection is needed to even log in. The picture quality is good but not as great as RealVnc even on a wired network.

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There is a little bit of lag but it is way lesser than in RealVnc. Thanks for suggesting TeamViewer. I tried it and it works seamlessly over Internet. But I want to use it locally over ethernet.

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They both use internet for the remote connection. I want to do it over ethernet, directly to the desktop from mac. I want to connect using Ubuntu and not windows. But thanks for the suggestions. This should work just fine when connected directly via Ethernet. Cake Day.

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